Les Infideles is a wonderful restaurant in Montreal.


This used to be their website, but in 2014 they let it expire and only kept their other main website running on www.restaurantlesinfideles.com

Megan Megan
You know, I’ve eaten there, and it was incredible.

Tyler Tyler
When was that?

Megan Megan
A few years ago, on a business trip. Had a nice bottle of wine too, with our group.


008Just look at their beautiful building, so inviting! and on the inside, it’s the perfection of Quebec’s famous style.image2_slider_thumb

Something I love about dining in Quebec, is the BYOB style, which allows you to bring your own wine bottle to the restaurant.

imageAboutLes Infideles specializes in French cuisine. Chief Louis Legault uses a lot of Québec products, such as deer, duck, veal and seafood and fish, depending on the season. Local cheeses are served with homemade jam and nuts. Their menu also offers gourmet five-course meal specials.

771 Rachel Street, Montreal, H2X 2H4
Reservations by phone only

The half-open kitchen allows patrons to see the chef in Action! Relaxing interior earth-tones, with some trendy chic accents, appeals to a new generation of foodies. it is an intimate atmosphere, and perfect place for romantic dining and special occasions.


Latest Posts

Five French cuisine masterpieces you should definitely try

I’ve just returned from my European trip, and leaving aside my business ventures I can’t but share the outstanding eating experience I had there: within the three days I stayed in Paris I was lucky to try everything that my local friend recommended, and here is the top five of what amazed me the most.

#1. Soupe à l’oignon – a soup with onions and beef served with croutons and cheese. The first thing I said having tasted it sounded like “OMG, never thought a soup can be that tasty”. Later I was explained that it’s because of caramelization of onions, and that this outstanding representative of the French cuisine originates from Roman times.
I’d add that it’s perfect for dinner as first course because the croutons and cheese on top make the transition to the second course smooth and natural.

#2. Bouillabaisse – a hearty fish stew (as a rule shellfish and mediterranean fish) that the eater adds components to once it is served. The fish is traditionally served separately from rouille sauce and toasted bread that can be added to the soup as per the eater’s taste.
Very tasty thing as well, especially for a seafood fan like me, and the fact that it is highly customizable even after being served makes it even more special.

#3. Cheese – yes, not frogs or snails, but just cheese. First I though that I am familiar with cheese and there is no way for me to get new feelings from it, but I was terribly wrong. Eating cheese in France is absolutely different from eating it elsewhere, firstly, because of how their cheese tastes, and second, because of the way how the French serve it. An ultrathin slice of cheese with a glass of appropriate wine is something absolutely different from what we are used to. Trust me, French cheese and simply cheese are two absolutely different notions.

#4. Boeuf bourguignon – pieces of beef and mushrooms braised with red wine and stewed, spiced with garlic, onions and herbs.
From the first look nothing special, all the components have been tasted many times, but believe me, if you’d like to cook something special, especially in you have a purpose of estonishing a man, this could be the best choice.

#5. Tarte tatin – the tastiest apple pie I ever tasted. As every French meal, it has it’s own story. First it was accidentally cooked by two sisters, Stéphanie and Caroline Tatin in 1888. It was an attempt to create a regular apple pie, but the apples with sugar and butter were left in the pan for too long. Then there was an attempt to rescue the pie and continue cooking according to the standard procedure. What it ended up with was not a ususal apple pie but something new and unusual. As I was explained, it’s because of caramelisation of apples which in its turn is a result of the dish being put upside down. And shortly – if you are not a sweets hater, make sure to try tarte tatin, you’ll not regret, I promise.

Top five modern mistakes people make in a restaurant

1. Conflict: food and communication. Many people go for meeting people, communicating and dating to restaurants, and many of them think that if you go to a restaurant you must eat, and the most pragmatic of them go to restaurant hungry. Wrong! First of all you have a date, and that’s the main circumstance that guides you – where the date actually takes place is the second thing. You go dating to communicate: listen and talk, so don’t waste time for chewing and be an orator.

2. Place: hangout or communicate. You need to throughly choose a place for your upcoming meeting, even if you’ve already decided that it will be a restaurant. Namely, you need to pay attention to the music: first of all verify whether they offer it, and if they do, select the location of your table accordingly. Just imagine you trying to talk to a business partner or a girl you are trying to attract in the same time struggling with the band that is rocking ner your table and trying to shout louder then the band’s leader to be heared – that must be taken care of beforehands.

3. Bill: the “who pays” dilemma. Sometimes a pleasant evening can end up with an uncomfortable situation when one or more participiants doubt who should pay and get confused having hard time figuring it out. This happens to almost anyone who has a meeting in restaurant not with a friend but with a business partner or just someone whom you distantly know.
The only way to avoid that is to know a consistent way to act in such situations, and here is the rule:
if you say “I invite” then you pay, if a woman invites a business partner then she pays, and if the invitation sounds like “let’s go to a restaurant” then eveyone pays for him/herself.

4. Greeting people. Naturally, you should be greeting people in restaurant the way different from how you do it elsewhere, and if you doubt how, follow this simple formula: if someone joins a group of people who are sitting at a restaurant table he/she says a greeting word, and those who are sitting just nod, no shakeing hands; if it’s a woman who arrived and she came up to you it is necessary to stand up when you are greeting her.

Hände mit Handys im Restaurant5. Mobile. This must be the simplest rule for a restauran visitor, just three short words: turn it off. Whatever you are goint to a restaurant for, to eat or to communicate, it conflicts with mobile devices usage. If you are in charge and it may happen that an urgent affair arises and you must be always in touch, make sure to switch you mobile phone to vibro call mode, and if it calls find a calm and lonely place for a conversation. It’s really sad to observe someone making half of a restaurant listen to his/her favorite song and then superimportant phone conversation: don’t be one of those people, don’t make anyone sad.

My first true French cuisine experience: Cuisses de grenouille

All of you have definitely heard about frog legs, the world-famous French cuisine masterpiece. But definitely very few of you have ever tried cooking or even eating them.
This weekend I was doing routine shopping and noticed frozen frog legs, and as a true innovations lover decided to try them.

Frankly, the result made me a frog legs lover too, and from now I will be certainly cooking them on holidays and for guests.
As they are a little bit expensive that’s not the product you will eat every day, but its absolutely perfect for surprising guests on family and private celebrations, and it’s really worth learning to cook frog legs.

So, here is how you actually cook them:

77245- wash frog legs in running water;
– beer-soak the legs within two-three hours;
– mix sieved flour with spices and fine herbs;
– dry the legs with a paper napkin and dredge them in the flour and spices and herbs mix;
– fry the frogs legs in olive oil and butter till they get gold-colored;
– put them on a dish, add potherbs and a few drops of lemon juice.

Hope you will enjoy becoming a French cuisine chef too.
Good luck and Bon Appétit!